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Charity Subtype: Promoting or Protecting Human Rights

When the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission register an organisation, its charity ‘subtypes’ are also publicly registered.

These reflect the category of that organisation’s charitable purpose, which is what its activities will work towards achieving.

Each subtype has a specific meaning under the law.

The subtype for discussion today is Promoting or protecting human rights.

The Charities Act defines ‘human rights’ as having the same meaning given by the Human Rights Parliamentary Scrutiny Act 2011 (Cth) which is the rights and freedoms recognised or declared in the 7 international conventions and covenants named in this Act, as they apply to Australia.

Promoting or protecting human rights may include:

• monitoring abuses of human rights

• seeking redress and relieving needs for victims of human rights abuse

• research into human rights issues

• educating the public about human rights

• providing technical advice to governments and others on human rights

• raising awareness of human rights issues.

To be eligible to be registered with this subtype, your charity’s objects and activities must be directed towards specifically achieving the promotion or protection of human rights.

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