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The Little CFO LEGAL® is an independent Legal Practice affiliated to The Little CFO Accountants & Advisors® 


The Little CFO Legal is a distinguished law firm that specializes in providing expert legal counsel and representation in three key areas:

Federal and State Taxation Law: Assisting clients to navigate complex tax regulations, ensuring clients’ compliance and optimizing financial outcomes.


Not-For-Profits & Charities Law: The firm supports nonprofit organizations, offering tailored legal guidance on governance, compliance, and charitable activities.


Migration Law: With a deep understanding of immigration matters, The Little CFO Legal assists clients in navigating visa applications, residency, and citizenship processes.


Their commitment to excellence and client-focused approach makes them a trusted partner for legal solutions.

Why Australian businesses choose The Little CFO Legal



We take a collaborative approach with engaging your existing advisors, and for complex matters, an advisory panel can be sourced for you through an extensive network spanning a range of industries, specialities and countries.



The Little CFO Legal enables you to operate more effectively long term by implementing straightforward ways to manage your legal affairs into the future.



The Little CFO Legal provides transparency and trust with a clear understanding of costs and timeframes from the outset. 


Compliance & Risk Management

Develop internal systems to streamline and enhance business and taxation practices, and in doing so, reduce the burden of compliance. Prepare and negotiate legal agreements to appropriately limit risk and liability, while also setting reasonable and clear expectations for all parties.

Tessa Fisher,
Founder & Legal Principal 

At The Little CFO Legal, we deliver accessible and expert legal advice while taking a collaborative approach and drawing upon our broad advisory network. We provide clients with tailored and practical guidance for their legal matters through open communication and a transparent pricing model.



Access legal services face to face as well as online during non-traditional business hours for greater convenience and efficiency. Meetings may be held at our offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


Strategically leveraging alliances and broad professional networks means that you benefit through a tailored advisory panel of experts including barristers, accredited specialist lawyers, academics, and niche advisory firms.

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