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Business Solutions

Most clients demand that you be their only trusted advisor, being their key to a breadth of professional advice that could be outside your professional scope.  They demand that you need to stay on top of all things relevant to their business and generally seek unpaid advice which could distracts from other chargeable work.


Your firm might be agile and able to be more hands on with clients however may not necessarily have the expertise to provide specialist advice.


We, The Little CFO, do not undertake compliance work and resolve to be non-competitive with our referrers.  We assist with specialities such as ongoing financial management & support, board advisory to assist with commercial decisions and turnaround, restructure & insolvency support when clients are not seeing their best days.  The Little CFO Legal provides legal advice in areas such as complex tax to assist with tax specialists.


Our referrers & common advisors are provided with a monthly update on their clients, including a report & catch up call.

Our Values


Transparent & Communicative

• clear & open communication • available & accessible with clients & their advisors • transparent with advice and costs •



Commercial & Practical

• smart commercial advice • practical, realistic & executable advice • educational advice • meaningful & knowledgable deliverables & reports •  


Proactive & Collaborative

• proactive rather than reactive • collaborate with all advisors • engage experts through extensive networking spanning a range of industries, specialities & countries •


Working with Accountants

We are built to assist you with growing your clients.  We also help clients that are in financial distress, or their systems are in disarray and are uncommunicative. 


We understand that your ideal client is proactive and keeps you updated and we will help assist with keeping the compliance workflow.  We help with getting your clients proactive and engaging.


Proactive engagement mitigates the risk of the client becoming insolvent.

Working with Lawyers

We provide assistance with client solutions and help them achieve their business goals, whether it be a growth, turnaround, restructuring strategy or exit strategy. 

We also help with increased communication including providing instructions and provide litigation support.


Working with Start-Ups

We help with providing solid financial infrastructure, strategy and operations to get the up and running. 

We also provide assistance with capital and fundraising where we assist with business plan writing, pitch narrative and pitch deck.

Working with Funders

We assist with preparing or restructuring a client to get them bankable.  We can assist with prelend reviews, 
3-way forecasts and solvency reports.

We also assist with mitigating your position, assisting with a workout arrangement and exiting a lend or investment.


Extensive Network.

Where there are matters that are not within our speciality, we have a large commercial network to provide a whole commercial solution.

We guide to their certain requirements and favour local & or specialist knowledge to the client and present a board of options for them to choose from.



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